Update… Wolfman Watch 2008: The Directors


Who wants to howl with Del Toro?

Update: Collider says An American Werewolf in London director John Landis is heading into a meeting with Universal today regarding the “Wolfman.” Seems like an obvious fanboy-ish choice if you want to kick up a rumor, but the site states their sources are pretty legit. Again, nothing is solid gold until someone signs on the dotted line.

Brett Ratner, Frank Darabont, James Mangold, Joe Johnston and Bill Condon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, these are just some of the directors Universal is eyeing for The Wolfman (starring Benicio Del Toro) now that Mark Romanek declawed the picture with his departure.

Things heated up yesterday when web buzz fixated on the possibility Ratner was a sure thing. As the Reporter rightly observes, the director is used to entering projects late in the game (see: X-Men: The Last Stand), however, the studio is apparently “keen” on Condon – a perfect choice in this writer’s opinion. At least that man has a voice.

The only problem Universal faces is script tweaking. If a new helmer hops on board and requests changes, not a page can be touched until the WGA strike is over.

A decision will be made shortly, hang tight…

Source: The Hollywood Reporter