13: Game of Death DVD Art, Release News


Coming soon from Dimension Extreme

Chukiat Sakveerakul’s 2006 Thai thriller 13: Game of Death is coming to DVD March 18th under Genius Entertainment’s Dimension Extreme Banner. Special features will include The Making of 13: Game of Death doc and assorted trailers.

Krissada Terrence plays a salesman who has seemingly lost it all until he’s approached to play a game. With $100 million on the line, he’ll be pushed through 13 challenges with each becoming more morally questionable than the last. And much like David Fincher’s The Game, the players involved are not allowed to tell anyone what they have gotten themselves into. The film is based on a comic book by Ekasit Thairat.

Genius Entertainment was kind enough to pass along the DVD cover (click below for a hi-res scan) and some stills.

Source: Genius Entertainment