Cameras Fire Up for Brazil’s Beyond the Grave


New zombie film coming from Lockheart Filmes

The producers of the Brazilian production Beyond the Grave (Porto dos Mortos), Lockheart Filmes, informed us principal photography begins next month in Porto Alegre under the direction of Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro.

Described as a horror-fantasy, Pinheiro’s script concerns a cop (actor Rafael Tombini) living in a world populated with zombies. Besides contending with the undead, the officer is also in pursuit of a possessed serial killer.

“‘Beyond the Grave’ is very close to an art-house horror film. There is a very personal and mythological universe behind this,” says writer-director Pinheiro. “This is not only a Brazilian take on the zombie genre, this is shaping into something really unexpected, even to us. The script is a mix of everything I love about cinema and fantasy. It’s a movie made with passion, heart and, a la Alejandro Jodorowsky, balls.”

André Kapel is handling FX duties. For a teaser trailer, click here.

Source: Lockheart Filmes