Fresh Stills from Imago Mortis


Bessoni’s giallo casts up

Director Stefano Bessoni has been nurturing his blog this month, keeping it well stocked with the first images from his horror film Imago Mortis. Our last update on the film arrived last June), since then Geraldine Chaplin (The Orphanage), Leticia Dolera, Álex Angulo (Pan’s Labyrinth) and Jun Ichikawa (Mother of Tears have joined the cast.

Plot details go like this: In the 1600s, long before the invention of photography, a scientist named Girolamo Fumagalli was obsessed with the idea of reproducing images. He discovered that by killing a victim and removing the victim’s eyeballs, it was possible to reproduce on paper the last image imprinted on that person’s retinas. He named this technique ‘thanatography’. Today, the same kind of gruesome ritual and abominable crime recurs within the walls of an international school of cinema.

For more pics, click over to Bessoni’s blog here.

Source: Stefano Bessoni