Diablo Cody Talks Jennifer’s Body


The Megan Fox-starring horror-comedy

Every so often teen films – across the genre board – get a facelift thanks to a handful of very talented individuals. Superbad has been spinning in this writer’s DVD player non-stop since it arrived on Christmas and Juno is on the must-see list. Different creators, I know, but I’m just making a point. There tends to be a peak, then a lull, until a few fresh voices come along to prove flicks about teen shenanigans and angst don’t all have to be vapid moochers out to get your hard-earned cash at the box office.

That said, Juno scribe Diablo Cody is at work on her first teen horror film for Fox Atomic, Jennifer’s Body. Megan Fox, of Transformers, is starring and Jason Reitman is producing (it’s rumored he may direct as well).

MTV spoke to Cody about the project, a concoction of scares and pitch-black comedy about a cheerleader possessed by a demon who begins diminishing the boy population in her town.

“It’s a lot darker [than ‘Juno’], and it also has comedic elements. Horror is my favorite genre – and like Juno, I like horror movies,” she tells the site adding that Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby is her favorite horror film. “I think the interesting thing about adolescence is it’s a time when your emotions are totally heightened. There’s so much potential for comedy, tragedy, melodrama, horror, whatever.”

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Source: MTV