Soavi’s Back With Catacombs Club


Cemetery Man director’s horrifying return

Actor, writer, director… Horror fans know Michele Soavi well, from his turn in Demons to helming the beautifully grim Dellamorte Dellamore (aka “Cemetery Man”), Stage Fright and the utterly surreal The Church.

After dabbling in the Italian TV for far too long, Soavi is about to embark on a new horror feature! According to Fangoria, he’s directing Catacombs Club. From the sounds of it, Charles McKeown (co-writer of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen) has scripted quite a doozy: “Club” concerns a singing instructor who happens upon an underground passage in London that leads to a kingdom of creatures buried during the Roman invasion. They’ve been thriving ever since for 2,000 years and have no idea what exists topside.

“It begins with a flashback to ancient times, like the one in The Church,” Soavi tells Fango. “And it ends during a concert in the Royal Albert Hall venue. I don’t want to say too much more at this time, except that it is definitely in the spirit of Cemetery Man and has a similar atmosphere.”

Casting is underway. For more, read on here.

Source: Fangoria