Joe Lynch to Take Another Wrong Turn?


Director talks threequel

When Shock spoke to Fox Home Entertainment VP Tom Siegrist, he hinted there was a very good chance Wrong Turn 3 would become a reality (click here for that story). No, duh – right? After all, Wrong Turn 2 turned a profit and everyone likes that.

Bloody Good Horror spoke with “Wrong Turn 2” helmer Joe Lynch and queried about his possible involvement in a third installment. We’re talking about it now, and obviously the writer’s strike is holding it up,” he tells them. “Part of me thinks that Rob had his version of the first film which was kind of this 70’s homage, and mine was the 80’s homage, and I’m thinking that it would be great to see “Wrong Turn 3” be almost like a 90’s homage. But to be honest the only thing I can think of in the horror lineage looking back that occurred in the 90’s was the Scream era, and the last thing we need is someone saying ‘I’ll be right back!’ We definitely don’t need that, so there’s a couple ideas that they’re kicking around now.”

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Source: Bloody Good Horror