Grindhouse Tribute to David Friedman


L.A. screening of She Freak tonight!

Los Angeles’ Grindhouse Film Festival at the New Beverly Theater (7165 Beverly Boulevard) is presenting a loving tribute to exploitation legend David F. Friedman tonight.

Look back on Friedman’s career and you’ll discover he’s been involved with a long line exploitation classics including Ilsa, She Wolf of the S.S. and H.G. Lewis’ Blood Feast and Two Thousand Maniacs!

Fest organizers, Eric Caiden and Brian Quinn, are screening a print of his film She Freak (1967) along with the usual array of eclectic trailers and very rare sexploitation short subjects.

Friedman will be in attendance for the special event, making a very rare L.A. appearance. He will also be joined by She Freak star (and memorable Deliverance baddie) Bill McKinney, Ilsa director Don Edmonds, Doris Wishman, cinematographer C. Davis Smith, 1970’s adult film performer and historian Bill Margold, and Something Weird Video’s Mike Vraney.

The screening starts at 7:30pm, admision price is eight bucks.

The event starts at 7:30pm, and admission for the entire program plus our (in)famous free raffle is only $8.00. For more info visit the Grindhouse Film Fest MySpace page here.

Source: Grindhouse Film Festival