Wayans’ Munsters Movie Lives On


Geared for the PG-13 audience

Three years have past since Universal Pictures announced it was partnering with brothers Keenen Ivory, Shawn and Marlon Wayans for a modern take on “The Munsters.” Three years of silence with not a single update on the project. That’s three years of bliss for this die-hard “Munsters” fan.

A recent interview with Shawn Wayans at Movie Picture Film reveals the film is still in the works. “‘The Munsters’ is going to be PG-13 as well,” Wayans tells the site, addressing the issue of PG-13 versus R-rated comedies. “You know what happened with the rated R thing is that we were doing our rated R comedies and then they started clamping down on kids going into the theater. So kids would still be sneaking into our movie but would be paying to see something else. So none of the box office went to our movie, yet everyone still saw it. Business wise, it made it tough for us to continue doing them.”

Wayans didn’t indicate how far along they are on “The Munsters” nor did he discuss any plot details. But, if you want to read the full interview, you’ll find it here.

Source: Movie Picture Film