Casting Underway for Boogeyman 3


Sequel lensing in Bulgaria

The wheels are beginning to turn on the casting process for Ghost House’s Boogeyman 3 and Moviehole received a look at the character breakdown…


appears to be 20 years old. OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES. VERY pretty, confident, and assured, Sarah hosts a college radio show with Dr. Robert Kane, a clinical psychiatrist and head of the University’s psychology department. Sarah is a student of Kane’s and is on her way to a bright future in psychiatry. When her friend Audrey claims to being stalked by the Boogeyman, Sarah dismisses this paranoia as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder. That is, until Sarah witnesses Audrey being strangled to death by the Boogeyman. This sets Sarah on a journey to discover the truth behind her fear. At first, Sarah believes it to be a result of her distress following the death of her mother the year prior. It is not until the Boogeyman convinces her of his existence that she must fear for her life. LEAD


appears to be 19 years old, CAUCASIAN, daughter of Dr. Allen (Tobin Bell from Boogeyman 2). While packing her deceased dad’s belongings, a distraught Audrey stumbles upon his journal that details his realization that belief in the Boogeyman gives it power. She discovers that her father foretold his own death by the Boogeyman. In this moment of awakening to the supernatural, the Boogeyman pays Audrey a visit. Audrey manages to escape with her life but her attack consumes her with tremendous fear. As she reaches out for support from her friends, she inadvertently ignites a fuse of evil that will lead to all of their demise. STRONG SUPPORTING


appears to be 20 years old, OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES, all-American good looks, boyfriend to Sarah and sociology major. While he wants to support and care for Sarah, he believes her Boogeyman delusions to be a bit out of control and far-fetched. STRONG SUPPORTING


appears to be 20 years old, OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES, brazen and carefree, girlfriend to Jeremy. Influenced by Sarah’s fears and the growing fears on campus of the Boogeyman, Lindsay falls victim. STRONG SUPPORTING


appears to be 20 years old, OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES, a skinny, shaggy haired alterna-rocker, boyfriend to Lindsay. Following Sarah’s visit to his dorm room, in which she shares Dr. Allen’s theories on the Boogeyman, Jeremy discovers Lukas missing and the bong he was smoking from earlier smashed into pieces. Jeremy quickly becomes another victim to the Boogeyman. SUPPORTING


appears to be 20 years old, OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES, Jeremy’s roommate, pothead. After Sarah shares her fears and what she learned in Dr. Allen’s journal, Lukas becomes paranoid and quickly succumbs to the Boogeyman. SUPPORTING

[ BEN ]

appears to be 20 years old, OPEN TO ALL ETHNICITIES, consummate fratboy, David’s roommate. As part of his frat’s hazing, he has been asked to install a webcam in the women’s shower room, and he will only be able to install it by crawling through the heating ducts. Unfortunately, the Boogeyman finds him there. SUPPORTING

Source: Moviehole