Friday the 13th “Not a Remake”!


Clarification on the new Platinum Dunes film

Platinum Dunes’ Friday the 13th project. What do you label it? Remake? Re-launch?

After speaking to a source close to the project who wishes to stay outside of the spotlight (for now), we’re striking the former term out of future reports on the film.

“It’s not a remake,” says our insider. Don’t even expect an origin tale – as some production listings around Hollywood are pegging it as. Imagine if there was a story to be told somewhere between parts two and four, just add water (from Camp Crystal Lake, duh), insert a leaner, meaner, faster Jason Voorhees, set to “blend” and you’ve got the recipe for what Dunes, writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift and director Marcus Nispel got cookin’.