EXCL: John Carpenter Bares His Skin & Bones


Fear Itself‘s modern-day western

Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan began a rather solid working relationship with John Carpenter (the man needs no intro) when the duo penned the director’s “Masters of Horror” contribution “Cigarette Burns.”

The parntership would prove to be an enduring one, too, as the trio returned for season two of the series delivering the devilish chapter entitled “Pro-Life.” Since then, “Masters” has become a thing of the past and NBC’s “Fear Itself” is the wave of the future for anthology horror (read up on the show here and here).

McWeeney and Swan are in on the fun, once again, and this time they have re-teamed with Carpenter for a “Fear Itself” episode entitled “Skin & Bones.” “We wrote it and did a pass on it in a week,”, Swan tells ShockTillYouDrop.com, noting the script was under a time crunch pre-WGA strike. “When we turned it in to John, he said it was the best thing we had done for him.”

Plot details were kept to a minimum during our discussion with the writers, however, McWeeny describes the episode as a “western” set in present day with a slight supernatural bent to it. “Finally, we’re doing a western with John Carpenter,” he smiles. Carpenter has always been known to imbue western genre elements into the films he has made whether it’s Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China or even Ghosts of Mars. “It’s violent,” adds Swan. “Just as much or even moreso than ‘Pro-Life’. The script we delivered had a few ‘damns’ in there, but they’re planning on doing uncut versions of each episode for the DVD release.”

Keep it here for all of the latest on “Fear Itself” which is expected to begin airing next summer.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com