Scott Smith Talks The Ruins Movie


How will his adaptation be different?

One horror film we’re looking forward to here at Shock is Carter Smith’s The Ruins. Based on Scott Smith’s diabolical novel of the same name, and adapted by Scott Smith, the film is creeping into theaters April 11, 2008.

Set in Mexico, “Ruins” tosses four American tourists (and one German companion) on a remote hill surrounded by protective locals and lethal vegatation – specifically vines that strip the flesh from your bones and prove to be a truly wicked adversary. Up against this creeping terror are stars Jonathan Tucker, Jena Malone, Shawn Ashmore, Laura Ramsey and Joe Anderson.

USA Today spoke to Scott Smith about what changes were made from book to screen.

As the resilience of the characters is worn down, the plant reveals itself to be more of a foe,” says Smith. A foe with intellect and abilities beyond those of the average Venus flytrap.

One change from the novel: Smith pruned the plant’s ability to mimic voices, because he feared it could become unintentionally comic.

He’s quite pleased with how the plant comes to life onscreen. At first, “it’s kind of dried out and grayish, and as it’s fed, it becomes much more vibrant.”

Excising the “talking vines” offers a slight relief to us. Even on the page it rang as a bit ridiculous – granted the vine builds up to replicating human voices (it begins by copying sounds of birds).

Source: USA Today