EXCL: Joby Harold on Army of the Dead


Zack Snyder’s epic zombie movie!

After nearly two years, director Joby Harold’s medical thriller Awake will finally be seeing the light of day and while a lot of that time was spent on the film’s post-production, Harold has been working as a freelance writer on a variety of studio projects, one of them being Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead for Warner Bros. When we interviewed Joby recently for his debut film, we decided to ask him a few questions about that.

“It was based on an original idea by Zack, which was definitely a very fun idea for a movie,” he told us. “We all met up and seemed to be on the same page and had a terrific time writing that. I’m in the middle of the contract still. We haven’t completed all the steps, but the studio loved the first draft and Zack seems to be pleased. That couldn’t have been a better experience. Zack and all those guys are really salt of the earth people who definitely understand what good movies are all about and what the audience wants, and that was just a tremendous experience.”

“It’s not a sequel. It’s its own being, its own film,” he said, clearing up any confusion that this is a sequel to Snyder’s 2003 remake of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. “I think what Zack wanted to do was make the ultimate zombie movie. If you could do anything, what would be the epic be-all-end-all of zombie films, which is a hell of a challenge but very exciting to do. We took it to the next level. I’m extremely pleased with it. It’s definitely out there, it’s crazy, and — much like Awake – it’s not just a straight-up genre film. There’s a lot of action elements, there’s a lot of horror elements, it’s not just your traditional every day zombie movie. We really take it and run with it.”

Awake opens on Friday, November 30. Check back next week for a full interview with Harold, and you can read what producer Deborah Snyder said about the movie here.

Source: Edward Douglas