Reshoots on I Am Legend?


Ending tweaked and tweaked again

Next to Frank Darabont’s The Mist, Warner Bros.’ upcoming I Am Legend adaptation could have boasted one of the second bleakest finales in horror this year. Could have. Word through the grapevine is that director Francis Lawrence strayed from Richard Matheson’s source material (big surprise) – for what, we’re not sure.

CHUD‘s Devin Feraci has confirmed that reshoots on “Legend” wrapped as late as last week…less than a month before the film is shown to us press fiends. Sources tell Feraci that the ending was re-shot, one more thing to add to the grocery list of problems we’ve heard this film has faced over the last year.

There have been rumors of multiple FX houses being hired and dumped to the point where one crew shirt listed all of the teams involved on the back like some concert city listing. Except some names were crossed off to mark fallen comrades whose work went unused or abandoned.