Trailer: Someone Behind You


From the director of Art of Seduction has your first look at the trailer for the Korean horror film Somone Behind You.

Directed by Art of Seduction‘s Ki-hwan Oh, the story focuses on “Ga-in, a smart, pretty girl who is loved by everyone, witnesses the deaths of people around her. She is then singled out as the next in line to die from the curse that has one person in each generation die at the hands of two people close to them. Ga-in search for the truth about the curse with Suk-min, a boy who always lingers around her, and her broyfriend Heon-joong, but attacks on her life by those dearest to her, like her best friend and her mother, never cease.”

The film was being shopped around at the AFM by M&FC this year so stay tuned for domestic distribution news if anything rises. For the trailer and more details, click on the title above!