Mutants Invade France!


More horror from a country awash in blood

Arguably, France is cranking out some of the best horror these days, from Inside to High Tension to Ils. I haven’t been disappointed yet with the recent spate of bloodshed coming from that country.

That said, I’m curious to learn more about Mutants from director David Morley and writers Johann Bernard and Louis-Paul Desanges. The film is set in the near future where the world has been knocked silly by a virus and humans have turned into mutants. Marco and Sonia, our two leads, set off to find a base, however, Marco is bitten during a mutant attack forcing Sonia to watch his gradual transformation as she tends to the baby growing inside her.

It’s thick with drama and mutant mayhem.

Sombrero Productions is shepherding the project and they’re aiming for a summer ’08 release in France. Hélène de Fougerolles and Francis Renaud (Chrysalis, Crimson Rivers 2) star as Sonia and Marco, respectively.

Source: 24 Frames Per Second