New Sequel Leading Up to Rest Stop 3


First news on Raw Feed’s future

By the time you read this Rest Stop 2, Raw Feed’s follow-up to the 2006 direct-to-DVD original, will have wrapped its last day of principal photography. A bloody one at that. Wet. Tacky. The kind of day that elicits cheers and laughter from the crew after every take due to the sheer explicitness of the violence.

A Shock set report is looming on the horizon, but we thought we’d pass along a nugget of immediate info handed to us by John Shiban, writer-director of the first film who also penned the script for the sequel. Shawn Papazian is directing this time out.

Asked if he left the door open to a third installment, Shiban tells us, “Oh yeah, there are definitely some unresolved things at the end of part two that lead to part three.”

Papazian also confirms that there are plans to keep the motor running on the “Rest Stop” series. First, though, Raw Feed needs to complete the last film, Supermarket, its second wave of direct-to-DVD fright fare. More details on the way!