The Mist: Stephen King and Frank Darabont Together!


The NY press conference for Darabont’s latest King adaptation

From the very beginning of his career as a filmmaker, Frank Darabont has been involved with visualizing the stories of Stephen King, but with their fourth collaboration The Mist, Darabont finally tackles one of King’s horror stories with the novella that was originally published as part of the compilation “Skeleton Crew” in the mid ’80s. The story involves a large group of people in a small town who get trapped in a supermarket when a creepy mist rolls in and they learn that there are dangers within that force them to work together to stay alive. Darabont’s movie stars Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Toby Jones, Laurie Holden, Andre Braugher and a bunch of Darabont regulars like Bill Sadler. attended the New York press conference with Mssrs. King and Darabont earlier today and you can hear it in its entirety by clicking here. After working together for many years, the duo have quite a rapport and a comraderie that allows them to play off each other well as they talk at length about the ideas behind the original novella and the movie, list their favorite bands and authors, Darabont tells us which King story he’d like to adapt next (“The Long Walk”) and at the very end, King reveals to us that a movie based on his 1992 novel “Gerald’s Game”–one of King’s few stories that hasn’t been adapted for television or movies–is finally in the works!

(Be warned that there is one possible very minor spoiler for The Mist discussed very briefly, though nothing that will ruin anything.)

The Mist will open nationwide on Wednesday, November 21 and check back later this week for our exclusive interview with Mr. Darabont.

Source: Edward Douglas