The Tooth and Nail Trailer!


“I’m gonna be gnawing on your bones!”

Horrorfest is upon us and for the next week After Dark Films is introducing audiences across the country to eight tales of terror. Today, AD released the trailer for Tooth and Nail, one of this year’s entries directed by Mark Young. Give it a looksee here and watch, mouth agape, as Michael Madsen bellows, “By sunrise, I’m gonna be gnawing on your bones!” Then something to the effect about grinding said bones and snorting them. (I kid.)

Set in the year 2012, the world’s refineries have run out of fuel. Without gas, food or electricity, civilized countries have spiraled into looting and anarchy, and much of the world population has starved to death or killed each other. A small group of misfits in an abandoned Philadelphia take refuge in an empty hospital with plans on re-building society. They soon discover they are being stalked by a savage band of cannibals, and must fight to survive against impossible odds.

Source: After Dark Horrorfest