Update: Zombie Down with the C.H.U.D.?!


Halloween director confirms involvement

Update: It’s a he said/she said schtick and until something’s legit, we’re off the story. We got word from Zombie’s management team that he is NOT directing the remake.

Dread Central received word from Rob Zombie that he will be in the director’s chair on an update of the 1984 eco-horror film C.H.U.D.! There’s not much to their story other than a confirmation of his involvement, nor is there any indication that this is what he’s doing next.

In the original, several strangers come together to face a “cannibalistic humanoid underground dweller” menace lurking beneath the streets of New York City.

It is an odd decision on Zombie’s part given the fact that Halloween made bucks and he could pretty much rock with any project he wanted. Alas, this is a fickle business. I gotta admit, I can’t say I’m not excited to see the words “Rob Zombie’s C.H.U.D.” grace the screen in the future. That’s a palatable brew right there.

Source: Dread Central