Platinum, Rogue Back David Goyer’s Possession Flick


Shooting to begin in February

The man with many projects on his plate, David Goyer (Batman Begins, Blade Trinity), is prepping to roll cameras next February in Chicago on a supernatural thriller dealing with possession.

Ah, but there’s a twist, you see. The story falls on the shoulders of an 18-year-old who realizes her body is being encroached upon by another force. What does she do? “Fight back” – sorry, that’s all of the answer I can give you (the plot synopsis is thin).

Rogue Pictures, Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes are producing this untitled film.

Platinum Dunes, with Mandalay Pictures, is developing a reimagining of the Alfred Hitchcock classic The Birds, with Martin Campbell attached to direct.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter