AFM: Hatchet’s McNab Likes it Medium Raw


“The Wolf” is on the prowl…

Hatchet co-star Mercedes McNab (yes, the one who dished the “your nipples are stupid” line) is back in front of the camera for a new horror flick called Medium Raw.

Writer-director Andrew Cymek (Dark Rising) serves up this serial killer potboiler starring John Rhys-Davies, Walter Anza and Rogue Johnston. Set in a criminal asylum, the story concerns a rookie cop who turns in a serial killer nicknamed “The Wolf,” except he doesn’t know that by doing so he has set into a motion an enormous massacre.

By the sales art seen at the AFM (click on the title above for a peek), it appears this “Wolf” dude wears body armor (?!) and skewers his victims on big metal talons. Real inconspicuous. No wonder why he was caught.

Brigitte Kingsley is producing for Fantastic Films Int’l, the same outfit shepherding Robin Hardy’s Cowboys for Christ, the Wicker Man companion piece.