AFM: Party ‘Til You Die in Stag Night


Coming soon from the writer of Flightplan

Horrors continue to lurk in the expansive, filthy tunnels of the urban subway system. In fact, since Chris Smith’s Creep – itself a knowing throwback to 1972’s Death Line – we’ve been seeing an increasing interest from filmmakers in underground terror, from Slaughter Night to Catacombs to the recently announced, and aptly-titled, Underground – all offerings, so far, coming from overseas.

Then there’s Midnight Meat Train, the long-awaited adaptation of Clive Barker’s short story. But while that film is steering itself away from the source material slighly by taking place in an anonymous metropolis, Peter Dowling (Flightplan) is transposing his fear of subterranean transit to more familiar grounds in Stag Night and he’s got a reasonably impressive cast riding along for the fun.

Set beneath New York City, the story follows a group of chums on a bachelor party excursion. When they take the subway, they witness the murder of a transit cop and are pursued through the tunnels by he killer or killers.

Kip Pardue (Wizard of Gore), Vinessa Shaw (The Hills Have Eyes ’06), Breckin Meyer (“Robot Chicken”) and Scott Adkins (The Bourne Ultimatum) star.

Principal photography has begun for Arsenal Films with Dowling making his directorial debut based on his own script. We haven’t received any distribution details yet, but Arsenal previewed the film for potential buyers at this year’s AFM.