Frontiere(s) Stays at After Dark


Unrated release planned for ’08

When Xavier Gens’ Frontiere(s) was officially bumped last week from After Dark’s Horrorfest, we wondered if it had parted company with Courtney Solomon’s banner altogether. Not the case whatsoever.

We have learned, and Fangoria was able to confirm, Frontiere(s) remains at After Dark and is awaiting an unrated release in early 2008. According to Solomon, there were worries the MPAA was going to slap the film with an NC-17, so it was pulled from the November fest lineup.

In the wake of this year’s Captivity debacle (during which the advertising campaign was publicly slammed and yanked for its content), sources tell us After Dark has been very mindful during the upcoming Horrorfest to play ball with the MPAA.

Source: Fangoria