EXCL: Horrorfest’s Unearthed Poster!


Plus, a sexy blonde surprise

A Horrorfest-sanctioned one-sheet for Matt Leutwyler’s Unearthed crawled across our desk for us to share with you. So, here you go! The second horror film from the director of Dead & Breakfast, Unearthed poses the question: What happens when an ancient creature infiltrates a small town? We’ll be finding out when Horrorfest strikes on November 9th.

Read our interviews with Leutwyler and star Luke Goss here and here.

As a bonus, scroll down beyond the poster for a look at the new Horrorfest banner art which reveals the event’s poster gal has tranformed from a ghoul-lovin’ brunette to a saucy blonde. Tentacle love, baby!

Source: After Dark Films