Director Tinieblas Gonzalez Talks Underground


Subterranean terror flick picked up by Filmax

Filmax Intl. recently acquired the worldwide rights to Underground, a preemptive move on behalf of the company as buyers prep for the upcoming American Film Market in Santa Monica, California next week.

Taking cues from recent shockers like Creep, or even The Descent, Underground follows a band of graffiti artists into venture into a subway system and come across a humanoid creature. Tinieblas Gonzalez directs from a script he co-wrote with Txabier Alastruey and The Backwoods‘ Koldo Serra. Brendan Coughlin (“CSI”), Francia Raisa (Bring It On: All or Nothing), Doug Haley (Midnight Movie) and Deance Wyatt (Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror) star.

In speaking with Making of, Gonzalez says his feature debut is, “a very modern film, very similar in style to mangas, comics and video games, and on the other hand I have this bad habit of always giving this acid aspect to the creature as well as to his environment. It is about uniting two worlds – that of the creature, ‘soul without master,’ which comes from the time of vagabonds and the 1972 law against vagrancy and theft, to the world of hip-hop, graffiti and the whole culture of the streets of today.”

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Gonzalez won the Canal+ Award at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival for his short film “For the Gone Child” (Por un infante difunto).

Source: Variety,