Updated: Miller Heads for Area 52


Automaton director takes on alien threat

Friend of ShockTillYouDrop.com and all-around talented cat, Automaton Transfusion director Steven Miller is set to bring the Image comic book Area 52 to the big screen.

Mixing sci-fi with action, the story concerns a storage facility in Antarctica that houses top-secret alien wares after Nevada’s Area 51 is done testing them. There, an Army nurse must restore order after a mercenary attack has unleashed a menacing terror.

Jack Phillips penned the script. Chris Bender and JC Spink will produce for Benderspink with Quattro partner Jim Strader. Haberlin will exec produce.

Updated: Miller got in touch with us to add, “I read the comics and immediately said, ‘Yes.’ I just felt this was something that had not been seen. Area 52 is Alien meets Die Hard, a great mix of action and horror. I’m excited to be able to bring a comic book to life especially one that involves a giant warehouse of alien/futuristic weapons. I love monster flicks, which the horror community really seems to be itching for a good one and thats what I plan on delivering.”

Source: Variety