Actress Discusses Prom Night Remake


A “hero” will rise?

TV Guide spoke with one of the new additions to the hit television series “Heroes,” Dana Davis, about her upcoming stint in Nelson McCormick’s remake of the horror film Prom Night.

“I play this girl named Lisa who happens to be Brittany Snow’s best friend,” she explains. “Lisa is the most popular girl in school, homecoming queen and prom-queen candidate…. She’s the kind of girl who’s popular for a reason, because she’s a blast and fun and so sweet to everybody.”

Teased that her character might die, Davis says, “let’s just say Lisa is a fighter.” Then, “It’s more of a thriller. Sure, there’s a slasher on the loose, and lots of blood and whatnot. But it’s set with the backdrop of the best prom ever. I mean, imagine the prom of all proms. This is prom Hollywood-style, with designer dresses and giant confetti cannons, glitz, glamour and blood…. Sounds like a winning formula to me!”

A deviation from the original Jamie Lee Curtis-starring slasher film (directed in 1980 by Paul Lynch), this “Night” redux toys with themes of a teacher-student obsession. Brittany Snow plays a teen stalked at her prom by a psycho former teacher (Jonathon Schaech).

Source: TV Guide