Scream Awards Photo Gallery


Over 25 photos from the Spike TV event!

What an evening… Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Megan Fox, Harrison Ford, Bruce Campbell – there’s no other place where one would find so many mega-symbols of pop culture celebrated under one roof. Spike TV recorded its second annual Scream Awards on Friday night (the show will air 10/23, check your local listings) and had the privilege of infiltrating Hollywood’s Greek Theater (adjoining Griffith Park) for all the ceremony had to offer. Below you’ll find a few images from before the show, on the red carpet and at the after-party inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut – not a bad film to be inspired from, we say!


Avenge Sevenfold Rehearses

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Sid Haig


Nichelle Nichols

Kristanna Loken

Casper Van Dien & Edward Neumeier

Bruce Campbell

Zoe Bell

Zachary Quinto

Paris Hilton & Darren Lynn Bousman

Kristy Swanson

Sheri Moon & Rob Zombie

Robert Rodriguez

Ceremony Stage

Star Trek Cast

Megan Fox!

Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper

Aftery Party!

The Woes of Being an Editor