Eli Roth Sifts Through Trailer Trash Details


Zombies hit the herb

All that you’ve read here is true. Eli Roth is readying Trailer Trash for next year with the intention to roll cameras possibly in February. While pimping the DVD release of “Hostel Part II,” the writer-director swung by MTV for an extensive interview. Here’s an excerpt:

“I’m going to be directing the feature – in certain cases, we might make a rare exception, like Edgar Wright… But really only in one or two cases; otherwise I’m going to be directing the film.”

After insisting that he “cannot reveal” any of the specific fake trailers, a question about zombies made Eli accidentally cough one up. “…also, don’t give the zombies pot, because then they’ll get stoned and that’ll make them even hungrier…I’m going to be doing that idea,” he confessed.

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Source: MTV Blog