Dark Days Ahead for 30 Days of Night?


Producer comments on possibility of sequel

Those who follow the works of Steve Niles closely are aware that the feral universe he created in 30 Days of Night, where vampires run rampant, didn’t end with the first graphic novel. Shortly after “30 Days” was published, Niles penned “Dark Days” a sequel set in Los Angeles. ShockTillYouDrop.com asked 30 Days of Night producer Sam Raimi if the groundwork for “Days” is at all being considered as a cinematic follow-up.

“I only read it once and it was a few years ago and thought it was great at the time,” he says. “It is very different but I don’t know if there is going to be a sequel to 30 Days of Night nor do I know, if there was, if it would be based upon that. We’d have to see if it’s successful at the box office and see if people really want to see a sequel. And if they do then I’d probably huddle with [artist] Ben [Templesmith] and Steve [Niles] and my partner, Rob [Tapert], and figure out what they thought it should be. Mostly I want to stay true, if there was a sequel, to the books. I think that’s what got us there in the first place.”

Niles’ “Dark Days” was soon followed by a third chapter entitled “Return to Barrow,” also released through IDW Publishing.

Source: Ryan Rotten