Sam Raimi on Upcoming Projects


Evil Dead, The Grudge 3, Drag Me to Hell, Rise 2 & Monkey’s Paw got a chance to meet up with 30 Days of Night producer Sam Raimi today. The “Spider-Man” franchise director gave us a few updates on the various projects his horror production company, Ghost House Pictures, has in development.

Raimi told us that the Evil Dead remake is in the cards but not for a while, it’s not a priority at this point.

The script has been turned in for The Grudge 3, while Jeff Lynch is writing a new curse movie, titled Drag Me to Hell.

Ben Ketai, who penned “Tales From the Grudge,” “Devil’s Trade” and “30 Days of Night: Blood Trails,” is writing the script for Rise 2, but Raimi is not sure if Lucy Liu and Michael Chiklis will reprise their roles. Shooting is scheduled to start this winter.

Ghost House is also working on getting the script written for Monkey’s Paw, which is the story of a father who innocently brings home a mysterious artifact rumored to grant wishes, only to see its magical powers go awry and cause misadventures with every wish his family makes.