Caleb Casting Begins on Near Dark


Who will fill Adrian Pasdar’s shoes?

A role previously played by Adrian Pasdar in Kathryn Bigelow’s original Near Dark is now out to casting directors for Platinum Dunes’ remake directed by Sam Bayer.

Clint over at Moviehole received some news regarding the search for a new Caleb: “The character is written pretty similar to the guy in the first film – albeit, a little more reckless and more of a ‘take charge’ guy. In this, Caleb is an out-and-out 19-year-old party boy, living with his father and 10-year-old sister. He and his father are at odds – especially when a 40-something year old woman emerges from Caleb’s bedroom. But Caleb’s about to get a nice wake-up call.”

For more, especially on Mae and Caleb’s first encounter, click here. Stay tuned for more updates as “Dark” is poised to move fast…

Source: Moviehole