EXCL: FEARnet Gets Buried Alive


New online horror series coming in November

Hellbent writer-director Paul Etheredge tells ShockTillYouDrop.com he is in post-production on a new web series for FEARnet called “Buried Alive.”

“It’s more thriller than horror, but there are definitely horror elements,” he explains at the 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails Screamfest after-party in Hollywood. “The premise is we discover five people who have been abducted and buried in these very specific coffins. There are web cameras all around and we’re privy to their trials. One of their friends is above ground and trying to piece together clues as to where they are buried.”

The coffins themselves are elaborate, confined creations containing clues, monitors and speakers for those within to communicate with each other. “They’re very tight, the people inside can’t move around. One coffin is a water tank with these cannisters and freezing units, another one is electrified. They have themes.”

FEARnet will broadcast an estimate ninety episodes each running, “one to five minutes. Every episode deals with a very specific moment. Either we’re tuning in to something that has happened in the past…we have found footage that was candidly shot by these people that reveals who they are and what has led up to their burial. But, we’ve got some excellent kills, good characters and lesbian romance…all of that stuff you look for!”

Expect an official announcement soon as FEARnet nears a November 2nd series launch.

Source: Ryan Rotten