EXCL: Twisted Pictures’ Mark Burg on Kept


Plot details on new thriller from Saw team

In talking with ShockTillYouDrop.com about the future of Twisted Pictures, “Saw” series producer Mark Burg (who operates with colleague Oren Koules) says the company has one of two horror-thriller projects in development that are good to go for next year, namely a film entitled Kept.

“It’s a Twisted Pictures take on Fatal Attraction,” explains Burg. “It’s about a man who misses his plane and gets stuck in town and stays overnight. He goes to the hotel bar and sees a woman there. They start looking at each other, he sends her a drink, they start flirting. As he’s walking over to her, we see him take his wedding band off and he puts it in his pocket. He ends up back at her apartment. She goes into the kitchen and pours two drinks, putting something in his. She then gets undressed and heads into the shower.”

Things take a turn for the worst for the film’s leading man, however. “Cut to, he wakes up and he’s strapped to a bed,” Burg continues. “This woman walks into the room and says to him, ‘You never even asked me my name. You don’t even know it. You have a wife at home, maybe some kids.’ He tries to tell her he’s not married but, of course, there’s the indication he had a wedding band on his finger. The story takes off from there.”

This femme fatale then wheels in a television for her prey to view. “She puts a tape into the VCR, and shows him what she’s done to the last guy who was married and tried to hit on her.” Naturally, it wouldn’t be a Twisted Picture without a twist, but it’s about this point that Burg asks us to shut our recorder off before dishing more details.

Kept, based on a novella, was penned by Jason Rothwell. Keep it here for more on our exclusive discussion with Burg…

Source: Ryan Rotten