Hellraiser Directors Speak!


Maury, Bustillo talk Barker remake

Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury – whose wet horror film Inside is currently playing at the Sitges Film Fest – are seeking to raise a different kind of hell when they tackle Clive Barker’s Hellraiser for Dimension Films.

We are actually writing the script right now and we don’t want to remake exactly the Cliver Barker movie,” Bustillo tells Twitch Film. “We have met Clive and told him what we want to do with ‘Hellraiser’ and he said, “It’s f**king good do it!’ We are happy to have his benediction. It will not be a remake. It will still be called ‘Hellraiser’ and it will have a new Pinhead.” He added, “We are big fans of the original but we don’t want to do it as a remake since that would be complete nonsense to do [or approach] it that way. Our story is very very different I promise! It will be cool!”

Inside is the centerpiece film of Los Angeles’ Screamfest. It will play Wednesday, October 17th followed by an after-party at Mood. Click on the Screamfest link for more details and stay tuned for more on Hellraiser.

Source: Twitch Film