EXCL: Bernsen Dials Up Horror


New script complete, Dead Air wrapping soon

Having wrapped up work on another season of USA Network’s “Psych,” actor Corbin Bernsen is ready to buckle down and return to some horror business. “I just finished writing a cool little movie called 208-286-1717. It’s a phone number and if you dial it, bad shit will happen,” he tells Shock during a recent meeting at Universal Studios. We ask if it’s fair to draw parallels between his latest project and Robert Englund’s directorial debut 976-EVIL. “No, but in the film you do call the number and leave a message,” he smirks, catching himself before divulging much more and reiterates, “I’ll just forewarn you: bad shit happens.”

And what of his own directing effort, Dead Air (set visit here), the zombie film he began shooting and put on hold to fulfill his obligations to “Psych”? Before Bernsen jetted north to Canada to act in the series he made sure all of Dead Air‘s interiors were shot leaving the exteriors – much of the zombie action – his priority for when he returns.

“Everything will be in the can on Dead Air by the end of the year, we’re editing the first half now,” he says, hopeful. “I’m changing my tone of the exterior action a bit. This movie had a really smart premise to begin with so there’s something I’m working on about these people who become infected in this. They’re like…the guys working on the film are calling them ‘maniacs,’ but I think there’s something cool about our infected people. Kind of like soccer fans in Germany. You get infected and you just go nuts on anybody. We’re also working out this really cool Steve McQueen ‘Great Escape’-type escape scene through town on a motorcycle and away from the zombies.”

As for Monsters, a project announced earlier this year that Bernsen is working on with FX legend Stan Winston, “It’s getting there. I’ll be writing that soon.”

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com