Anaconda Sequels Slithering Directly to Sci-Fi


Jeepers Creepers alum directing

Wacky news from the weekend: Sony put in an order for two more sequels in the “Anaconda” series. The third chapter is being called Anaconda 3: The Offspring, the fourth it tentatively without a moniker. But what’s funny is Sony is super-sizing their order with a side of David Hasselhoff.

The actor will play a mercenary sent into the jungle to capture a giant snake (reserve your jokes for the message boards) in an attempt to find a cure for some billionaire’s illness. Crystal Allen (Maid in Manhattan), John Rhys Davies (The Ferryman) and Zoltan Butuc will join the Hoff in his pursuit.

Directing the sequels is Don FauntLeRoy, cinematographer on the “Jeepers Creepers” films. Needless to say, unlike Sony’s previous serpentine successes, these “Anaconda” flicks will head directly to the Sci-Fi Channel before populating the DVD market.

Source: Moviehole