New Line’s Darksiders Lives On


Bionic writer brought on for rewrites

Some scripts are endowed with a remarkable durability. Even if they’re not so great, their concepts still attract interest until they’re carried to the big screen. Darksiders is one of those projects.

Lingering, now, for roughly six years in Hollywood, Darksiders has found a new writer to give it an overhaul. New Line brought on board Laeta Kalogridis (“Bionic Woman”) to rewrite the script before it is shoved back out onto the market in search of a director. Kalogridis previously penned Night Watch, Pathfinder, Oliver Stone’s Alexander and a draft of Battle Angel for James Cameron.

The story she’s been asked to tackle concerns an FBI agent who bands with bloodsuckers to catch a bio-weapon-packin’ arms dealer. Windtalker‘s Alison Rosenzweig is producing.

David Goyer and Jonathan Hensleigh (Welcome to the Jungle) are two directors once associated with the project.

Source: Variety