Abrams’ Fringe Goes to Fox


A new paranormal series for the network

Fox is dipping back into the realm of the paranormal with “Fringe,” a new television series from J.J. Abrams (1-18-08), Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Said to be a mix between “The X-Files” and Altered States, the show will focus on brilliant but possibly crazy research scientist Walter Bishop, his estranged son and a female FBI agent who brings them together.

A two-hour pilot budgeted at $10 million will kick off the series; Abrams and company are now seeking a director and showrunner. “So much of the story is relatable people in extraordinary situations,” Abrams told Variety. “The show is definitely a nod to ‘Altered States’ and ‘Scanners’ and that whole Michael Crichton/Robin Cook world of medicine and science.”

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Source: Variety