More Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Action in Fragile


Rodriguez to direct for Rogue Pictures

Someone at Rogue Pictures, we’re positive, was watching with keen interest Resident Evil: Extinction‘s b.o. performance…

The production house who brought us Shaun of the Dead and has The Strangers and Hack/Slash on the way is exploring their own post-apocalyptic zombie tale. Rogue has given the greenlight to Fragile (no relation to Jaume Balaguer√ɬ≥’s similarly-titled horror film).

Eduardo Rodriguez will direct based on the graphic novel of the same name created by Stefano Raffaele. Jeff Dixon adapted the material for the screen. Rodriguez directed the unreleased (it’s a Dimension Film!) Curandero and stepped in for The Pang Bros. on Ghost House’s The Messengers when re-shoots were required.

Fragile picks up in a barren future where a virus has nearly eradicated the Earth’s population. An undead soldier, his equally zombified lover and a human teenager go on the run in search of a cure before a military unit stops them.

The original graphic novel was released through Humanoid Publishing.

Source: Variety