More Details on Feast Sequels


Who’ll survive and what will be left of them?

John Gulager is venturing down to Shreveport, Louisiana to get started on Feast 2 and Feast 3, back-to-back sequels produced by Neo Art & Logic’s Michael Leahy and Joel Soisson. The latter half in that producing team is pulling double-duty himself in Louisiana where he’ll be helming Pulse: Invasion and Pulse: Afterlife.

So, what’s in store for Feast 2? Apparently the plot picks up the morning after the first film’s wicked night of sloppy monster fighting. However, more creatures exist (natch) and target a small desolate town. Honey Pie and Tuffy are expected to return, whether the actors who played the roles in the first film do is to be determined. There’s talk of a Harley Mom “twin” so no doubt Diane Goldner will be back.

For a bit on Feast 3, click on the B-D link above.

Source: B-D