Showtime Wet for Dexter


See the first episode from season 2 now!

“Dexter” – the best thing TV’s got going, as far as this writer’s concerned – enters its second season this Sunday night on Showtime at 9pm Eastern and Pacific. The first two episodes, which we were fortunate to see early, prove the series is as strong as ever with no signs of a sophomore slump in sight.

Today, Showtime is running a soggy promotion in New York’s Times Square, at Hollywood & Highland (in Los Angeles) as well as in Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, Miami, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Phoenix. Essentially, it involves public fountains and having the water dyed red. Each fountain will be cordoned off with tape brandishing some “Dexter” love.

Showtime’s execs stress the “red” signifies their brand color and not blood. No sir. No way. Yeah, right.

“‘Dexter’ is not a horror series,” said George DeBolt, vp media and promotions at Showtime. “It’s a series about a serial killer who happens to be in forensic police work. There is blood in the show, but we’re not doing this to convey the notion of blood or horror because that would be off strategy with how we promote the show.”


If you’d like to see the second season’s first episode of “Dexter” click here. The password you’ll need to enter is “Killer Shows”.

And if you live in any of the cities above and happen to see said “blood,” er, promotional fountains, send a pic in to us!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter