Boll’s Got a Taste for a Zombie Massacre


“More creepy than House of the Dead.”

Uwe Boll’s wellspring of creativity dips into the video game market yet again with Zombie Massacre. The director of the recent sequel Bloodrayne 2 tells Game Daily that he intends to bring the Wii shooter from 1988 Games to the screen in 2009.

“I want to make this movie more creepy than House of the Dead, which was intended to be funny and campy,” he says. “I’d like ‘Zombie Massacre’ to be a harsh zombie movie like ’28 Days Later.'”

Boll will work from a $6 million budget and lens up in Vancouver. The site notes “Zombie Massacre” the game does not have a publisher nor a release date. It adds Boll also plans on shooting Bloodrayne 3 next year in Croatia.


Source: Game Daily