More Details on American Voodoo


“Major actor” circling leading role

Following up on yesterday’s report concerning Tony Krantz’s next directorial effort, American Voodoo, we now have more details direct from the man’s mouth.

“It’s a true story, a drama. ‘American Voodoo’ is the true story of America’s foremost cult deprogrammer – and it’s his biggest case – and the twists and turns that happen in this particular case,” he said while on the set of his horror-satire Otis. “It’s an extraordinary script, Erik Jendresen wrote it. “He and I have been developing it for a number of years and it’s as good a script as I’ve ever read, it’s absolutely extraordinary because it deals with very, very interesting ideas of why does somebody become a believer in a particular belief system. Why does somebody all of sudden sacrifice their personage to religious and spiritual believes and to whom and why. And what is the idea of Christian grace? What is the idea of grace in general? And what is the idea of freedom to worship? And what is the idea of somebody who essentially controls your freedom to worship and controls that for his or her own benefit?”

American Voodoo is a fully financed independent project that has no ties to Raw Feed or Warner Bros., however, Krantz is aiming to find it a theatrical distributor. He’ll be sitting down this week with a “major actor” in hopes to get a commitment for the film’s leading role. Shooting is expected to begin early next year.

Source: Ryan Rotten

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