Strike Memo Reveals Upcoming Horror Slate


Titles set to go, possible directors announced! has gotten its hands on a list that is being circulated around major talent agencies in Hollywood which includes all the movies that the studios are making a priority before the impending Writers Guild, Directors Guild and Screen Actors Guild strike next year. The list contains a lot of interesting information about upcoming movies and directors that are currently attached. (Caveat emptor: Some of these directors may not have actually signed or agreed to make the movies their next projects.)

Some noteworthy observations:

– Rogue has Sam Bayer attached as director of Platinum Dunes’ Near Dark remake; Bayer has an extensive music video background with bands like Green Day, Garbage, Blink 182 and Metallica.

Arcanum is listed next to Randall Wallace, writer of Braveheart and director of The Man in the Iron Mask.

– Eli Roth’s Cell. Didn’t he say he was taking some time off recently? It’s appearance on this list is interesting.

Click here for the full list.