First Look at Fearmakers


From the makers of Barricade

Producer Ted Geoghegan – an upstanding gent in the horror community – passed along a pair of stills from his latest: Fearmakers.

Barricade‘s Timo Rose directs and stars alongside Joe Davison (100 Tears), Debbie Rochon (Nowhere Man), Andre Reissig (Barricade), Thomas Kercmar (Mutation) and Sabrina Brechner (Lindenstraße). Here’s the plot crunch:

Sammy and Tom are paranormal investigators, trying to solve a case that has haunted Tom for years. Every year, he comes to Germany – and every year, he leaves empty-handed. This year, however, they run into Donnie, an old friend who informs them of an unsolved mystery that’s right up their alley. Donnie’s American friend Sarah has been having nightmares. Her sister was brutally murdered and voices from beyond have drawn her to Germany, where she believes the answers must lie. Teaming up with Sammy and Tom, the group tries to seek out answers to the murder – and the ghoulish deaths that are befalling citizens of this small German town. The people here know more than they let on…and no one can be trusted.

Geoghegan tells us this is Rose’s most ambitious effort to date FX wise. A significant amount of CGI work needs to be completed in the coming months. More updates as they come in…

Source: Ryan Rotten