Raw Feed Names its Next Film Otis


Supermarket and Rest Stop 2 planned

Three more films are being fed through the Raw Feed pipeline. The DTV banner under Warner Bros.’ watchful eye has produced three features to date: Sublime, Believers and Rest Stop.

Today it was announced, via Variety, Otis, Supermarket and the long-rumored Rest Stop 2 are next on Raw’s slab. Tony Krantz, John Shiban and Daniel Myrick are all returning to co-produce and direct.

Krantz has already got a head start on his partners with Otis, starring Ileana Douglas, Daniel Stern and Kevin Pollack. Shooting began earlier this week on the revenge tale which conerns a cheerleader who is kidnapped by the eponymous creep. When she escapes his clutches, she returns home to tell her parents who intend to exact justice without the aid of authorities, but things go awry when Otis’ brother rolls into town.

All three films will be produced at a far faster pace then the initial three. No word yet on the cast for Supermarket or Rest Stop 2

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety