Strause Drops a Bunch of AvP-R Knowledge


Predator’s going old school

The Strause brothers opened up to MTV and gave the outlet the scoop about the many changes we can expect to see in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

The Big Bad Wolf: “Basically you’re following this one Predator — the star of this movie,” Greg said of the hunter in pursuit. Added Colin, “We call him the Wolf internally because basically he’s Harvey Keitel from ‘Pulp Fiction.’ He’s the cleaner. He shows up and he’s not there for the trophies. … If anybody gets in his way, he’ll just cut ’em in half.”

Cleaning Supplies: “At [an early] point in the movie, [the Wolf] takes a gun off of a dead Predator, and so he has double shoulder cannons,” Colin explained. “There’s also a cleaner case where he stores all his new weapons. It has an implosion bomb that he uses for imploding the crash ship to basically get rid of it. … That’s a new type of bomb he has.”

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Source: Ryan Rotten, MTV Blog